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Hot off the press: Apache CXF Web Service Development

My reward for blogging about CXF? I get to review the recent book Apache CXF Web Service Development by Naveen Balani and Rajeev Hathi. Looking forward to receiving my free review copy. (Are presses hot these days?)

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In defense of elite, irrelevant curricula

I’m a big fan of Joel Spolsky’s writing, but I take issue with his latest posting. Universities shouldn’t be focused on teaching students the technologies and practices of the day. Anything you can learn by leafing through Getting Things Done, Agile Software Development with Scrum, and Expert One-on-One J2EE Development without EJB does not belong […]

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Best practice for branching and merging? Depends on your SCM.

I ran across a nice blog entry discussing the different use case assumptions made by Perforce vs ClearCase regarding when developers will branch and merge. After using Perforce for the last two years and reading Laura Wingerd’s excellent book Practical Perforce, I’m heavily biased to the point of view that routine development should happen on […]

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Serializable != Synchronized, especially not with Oracle

Recently I wrote some database code and tried to convince myself that it was threadsafe. I realized I’d made a basic mistake about the serializable isolation level, and thought it was worth a quick blog entry to post the explanation, in case anyone else runs into this situation. The problem can be represented by this […]

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Excedrin headache #3.5.40128.1: Using combo boxes with the WPF DataGrid

If you’re working with the WPF DataGrid (January 2009 release, version 3.5.40128.1) and want to display a column of combo boxes (e.g. to select a value from a list of options) you may be in for a headache, especially if you want the available options to be supplied from the binding context. For example say […]

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Is reflection unhealthy?

Am I the only one who feels a bit dirty after writing code that uses reflection? Most programmers agree that strong typing is a good feature in programming languages, because it allows compilers to catch many kinds of programming errors before you run your program the first time.  But using reflection completely bypasses that security.

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Java template for WSDL-first web services using CXF (for Maven2 and Eclipse)

This took me a while to put together so I thought I’d post it. I wanted the simplest possible template for building a web service in Java. I wanted it to be JAX-WS compliant, so I used the CXF open source implementation which is not only compliant, but also flexible and fast. I also wanted […]

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A maze of twisty little Java web service standards, all alike

It’s almost impossible to keep up with all the fractal-like Java standards related to web services. As fast as each can be learned, Sun invents another, and a dozen open source implementations appear. For my own sanity I tried to create a rough map of some of them. I tried to avoid making recommendations; my […]

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Is Eclipse collapsing under its own weight?

Maybe Eclipse’s black-hole-like splash screen is more appropriate than its designers realize. Eclipse’s open architecture has enabled the creation of countless useful plugins, and that’s helped maintain its position as the leading Java IDE. But as plugins compound upon plugins, bugs and compatibility issues have been surfacing increasingly frequently, and I’m starting to get the […]

Tomato: An antioxidant for your router

Every few months my Linksys WRT54G V4 home wireless router stops working and nothing short of a full reset gets it going again. This weekend it happened again. I got fed up and started Googling. I found out I’m not the only one to suffer from this problem. But then I found out that in […]

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