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Hot off the press: Apache CXF Web Service Development

My reward for blogging about CXF? I get to review the recent book Apache CXF Web Service Development by Naveen Balani and Rajeev Hathi. Looking forward to receiving my free review copy. (Are presses hot these days?)

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Serializable != Synchronized, especially not with Oracle

Recently I wrote some database code and tried to convince myself that it was threadsafe. I realized I’d made a basic mistake about the serializable isolation level, and thought it was worth a quick blog entry to post the explanation, in case anyone else runs into this situation. The problem can be represented by this […]

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Is reflection unhealthy?

Am I the only one who feels a bit dirty after writing code that uses reflection? Most programmers agree that strong typing is a good feature in programming languages, because it allows compilers to catch many kinds of programming errors before you run your program the first time.  But using reflection completely bypasses that security.

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Slimmer, trimmer messaging from Google

Google’s Protocol Buffers offer lightweight, language-independent object serialization. I love the design, especially as I’m increasingly seeing enterprise networks clogged with hordes of oversized XML messages. Protocol buffer bindings are available for C++, Java, and Python, but not C# yet. Once there is support for .NET, I think this could be a really interesting technology […]

A virtuous pairing

I ran across the following comments on an El Reg article about virtualization: Comments about “Virtualization: Nothing New”. He’s right, isn’t he? Having the same company offer both virtualization and grid solutions is a truly virtuous pairing. First you tell people they need a grid solution to make a huge pool of computers look like […]