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Excedrin headache #3.5.40128.1: Using combo boxes with the WPF DataGrid

If you’re working with the WPF DataGrid (January 2009 release, version 3.5.40128.1) and want to display a column of combo boxes (e.g. to select a value from a list of options) you may be in for a headache, especially if you want the available options to be supplied from the binding context. For example say […]

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Slimmer, trimmer messaging from Google

Google’s Protocol Buffers offer lightweight, language-independent object serialization. I love the design, especially as I’m increasingly seeing enterprise networks clogged with hordes of oversized XML messages. Protocol buffer bindings are available for C++, Java, and Python, but not C# yet. Once there is support for .NET, I think this could be a really interesting technology […]