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Hot off the press: Apache CXF Web Service Development

My reward for blogging about CXF? I get to review the recent book Apache CXF Web Service Development by Naveen Balani and Rajeev Hathi. Looking forward to receiving my free review copy. (Are presses hot these days?)

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Java template for WSDL-first web services using CXF (for Maven2 and Eclipse)

This took me a while to put together so I thought I’d post it. I wanted the simplest possible template for building a web service in Java. I wanted it to be JAX-WS compliant, so I used the CXF open source implementation which is not only compliant, but also flexible and fast. I also wanted […]

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A maze of twisty little Java web service standards, all alike

It’s almost impossible to keep up with all the fractal-like Java standards related to web services. As fast as each can be learned, Sun invents another, and a dozen open source implementations appear. For my own sanity I tried to create a rough map of some of them. I tried to avoid making recommendations; my […]

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Tomato: An antioxidant for your router

Every few months my Linksys WRT54G V4 home wireless router stops working and nothing short of a full reset gets it going again. This weekend it happened again. I got fed up and started Googling. I found out I’m not the only one to suffer from this problem. But then I found out that in […]

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