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Hot off the press: Apache CXF Web Service Development

My reward for blogging about CXF? I get to review the recent book Apache CXF Web Service Development by Naveen Balani and Rajeev Hathi. Looking forward to receiving my free review copy. (Are presses hot these days?)

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Java template for WSDL-first web services using CXF (for Maven2 and Eclipse)

This took me a while to put together so I thought I’d post it. I wanted the simplest possible template for building a web service in Java. I wanted it to be JAX-WS compliant, so I used the CXF open source implementation which is not only compliant, but also flexible and fast. I also wanted […]

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A maze of twisty little Java web service standards, all alike

It’s almost impossible to keep up with all the fractal-like Java standards related to web services. As fast as each can be learned, Sun invents another, and a dozen open source implementations appear. For my own sanity I tried to create a rough map of some of them. I tried to avoid making recommendations; my […]

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Developing Web applications with Maven and Eclipse: You *can* have it all

When developing applications using Eclipse or a similar IDE, you quickly get used to being able to test your software immediately after making a change. Plugins like MyEclipseIDE enable that kind of instant edit/compile/test cycle for web applications as well. But if you’re building web applications with Maven, it’s not so easy. Maven is a […]

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The network is the network, the computer is the computer – sorry about the confusion

This post continues my ongoing theme: That networks are great as long as software doesn’t pretend they are perfect. (I can’t take credit for the title – it’s been floating around for a long time.) Increasingly, software is being designed based on the idea of treating network resources as local. The practice of generating proxy […]

Ten meta-requirements for enterprise software development

When you start a project to build a custom application for an enterprise customer, there are always universal requirements the customer doesn’t tell you about. These are things you have to do in order to implement the stated requirements, so I call them meta-requirements. It’s helpful to keep a checklist of these and review them […]

Protecting your SOA application (and your job) from remote failures

SOA – for Service Oriented Architecture – is the buzzword du jour. Organizations in all industries want to realize its promises, which include sharing information more openly and coherently across the enterprise and increasing organizational agility by making it easier to assemble new applications from existing components. Although there are fierce debates about the details […]