e-smith - the salad days

These pictures were taken on Tuesday March 7, 2000, shortly before e-smith moved from Joe and Kim's home on 173 James Street into office space on 150 Metcalfe.

First three employees of e-smith (from left to right: Joe, Kim, Emily)

Joe's desk, server machines on lower right, and laser printer on left

Testing station and CD graveyard (on the other side of the room from Joe's desk)

Kim's desk, mascot sitting on Kim's computer, all-important coffee urn on desk

Emily's desk, fax machine next to the monitor, fireproof vault on lower left, and computer graveyard on lower right

The e-smith "warehouse" (a pile of boxes on the floor containing stationery, blank CDs, and Federal Express envelopes)

Kim and Emily check out the floor plan for our new office space on 150 Metcalfe

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